The most comprehensive

Easy-to-use music and sound player

in the world

Theatre Jockey on iPad

TheatreJockey brings professional quality sound design to the iOS platform

Two modes offer the right functionality at the right time


Simplifies the interface further to ensure smooth operation during performances:

  • Unnecessary functions and parameters are deactivated so that accidental touches won’t cause any “surprises”
  • One-button access to all refined sound sets with the Play next button
  • No specially trained sound engineer required to run sounds during performance
  • No need to mess around with CD players—run everything off an iPad


Unlocks all TheatreJockey’s functions:


  • Import sounds from an iTunes playlist with one button
  • Refine sound design on the fly during rehearsals—no more waiting for the sound guy to do his magic in order to make changes
  • Simply re-order the track list with a swipe of a finger

Take advantage of the iPad’s portability to use TheatreJockey as a set of virtual instruments

Test your production’s sound design solution yourself.

All the work takes place in a single window with a simple, easy-to-understand layout and instantaneous response to all your changes.

Theatre Jockey on iPad

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